The Munchies® family of devices were designed to make orthodontic treatment more predictable, minimize overall treatment times and to alleviate the discomfort often arising when forces are applied to teeth.

Unprecedented aligner seating and inflammatory marker enhancement

Munchies® accurately seat aligners for a truly intimate fit to optimize the clinical efficacy of the in-built aligner force system. Increased levels of Cytokines and aMMP-8 have been demonstrated when clear aligners are integrated consistently with Munchies® and Munchies® Vibe, which heightens osteoblast and osteoclast interchange.

Close-up of yellow Munchies (1): Side, close-up view of Yellow Munchie about to engage clear aligner with incisal gap shown
Close-up of yellow Munchies (2): Side, close-up view of Yellow Munchie engaging and seating clear aligner at the central incisor

Increase intrusion predictability

Intrusion movements in clear aligner therapy remains as one of the most unpredictable. Although only 10g of consistent force is required, intimacy of aligner fit against the incisal surfaces are more critical in this movement than any other. Munchies® were created to ensure that movements with clear aligners are more predictable.

Increase intrusion predictability (1): Line diagram showing canine tooth being subjected to force and being pushed into bone
Increase intrusion predictability (2): Front, close-up view of Yellow engaging clear aligner at canine using canine well.

Orthodontic analgesic

The softer Munchies® also act as a powerful orthodontic analgesic which can provide pain relief as effective as acetaminophen or ibuprofen after each new aligner insertion (this is known as the Bite Wafer effect).

Whenever teeth are moved to new positions, aligners will produce pressure that heighten capillary strangulation, which ultimately results in the production of prostaglandins, bradykinins and arachidonic acid with subsequent hyperalgesia for the patient.

The viscoelastic properties of the Munchies®, when used with a Shore Hardness that the patient finds to be comfortable, produces a micro-dynamic movement of the tooth around the periodontal ligament, which allows cyclical momentary blood flow into the pressured area and minimizes the onset and intensity of pain.

Orthodontic analgesic: Line diagram showing how capillary strangulation occurs with clear aligners and how Munchies® can relieve pain

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Use the Munchies® Calculator to find the combination of Munchies® for any clear aligner case.

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