Purchasing MUNCHIES®

Available in convenient packaging and assortments to suit any dental practice and patient.

Where to Purchase Munchies®

Munchies® can be purchased worldwide from a number of distributors, including local distributors in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

EOCA company logo

Esthetic Orthodontic Company of America (EOCA)

USA, Canada and South America

1122 company logo

1122 Corp

Australia and New Zealand

4aligner clearalignment company logo

Clear Alignment

Spain and Portugal

See our product range

Our Munchies® range is available in 2 piece packs, 3 piece hygiene cassettes and bulk packs. For dentists who are treating many aligner cases see our distributor’s many practice offers and bundles.

Front, close-up view of Blue Munchies® EPS 24 piece bulk bag Front, close-up view of Munchies® EPS 3-piece white carrying case and Original Munchies® 3-piece white carrying case
Front, close-up view of Munchies® EPS 2 piece pack and Original Munchies® 2 piece pack Front, close-up view of Munchies® Maintain 2 piece pack
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