Munchies® are a clinically proven orthodontic enhancement device designed to provide pain relief during all stages of orthodontic treatment and to maximize the accuracy of fit and effectiveness of your clear aligner treatment.

Munchies® ensure that your aligners fit as intimately as possible against your teeth, increasing the likelihood that your treatment will progress as quickly as possible and minimizing the chance of time-consuming and costly refinements and adjustments. Designed by a prominent expert in aesthetic orthodontics and clear aligner therapy, Munchies® deliver specific force profiles to ensure aligners or braces move your teeth efficiently and comfortably as prescribed by your dental healthcare professional.

Aligner slipping not engaged

Munchies® about to be engaged

Munchies® engaged

Aligner seating perfectly

Munchies® are fabricated in 2 sizes and 6 differing visco-elasticities (the materials ability to bend, flow and recover) that optimize forces appropriate for specific tooth movement and which are sympathetic to each stage of your treatment with clear aligners or braces. These visco-elastic properties provide significant pain relief – (shown to be more effective than analgesics) - especially in the first 24 hours following orthodontic adjustments or new aligner insertion. Patients can choose any of the Munchies® as a starting point and use in tandem with any other Munchie®. Variations in the strength of the jaw muscles, size of the teeth, density of bone and tooth movement required will affect the comfort of each Munchie® for each individual.