Introducing MUNCHIES®

Munchies® devices are used to optimise the seating of orthodontic clear aligners and retainers. They ensure that orthodontic forces are delivered accurately and that tooth movements occur as predictably and comfortably as possible.

Close-up of Yellow Munchie in mouth engaging with incisor

Unprecedented aligner seating

Munchies® accurately seat aligners for a truly intimate fit to optimize the clinical efficacy of the in-built aligner force system.


Increase intrusion predictability

Intrusion movements in clear aligner therapy remains as one of the most unpredictable. Although only 10g of consistent force is required, intimacy of aligner fit against the incisal surfaces are more critical in this movement than any other.


Orthodontic analgesic

Use of Munchies® can provide pain and discomfort relief as effective as acetaminophen or ibuprofen after a new aligner insertion by minimizing capillary strangulation in the periodontal ligament.


Munchies® are available in original Munchies® and Munchies® Maxx, Munchies® EPS and Munchies® Maintain. Variations in the strength of the jaw muscles, size of the teeth, bone density and tooth movement required will determine the type of Munchies® best suited for each individual aligner case.

Close-up of Red Munchie Maxx in mouth engaging with incisor

Munchies® and Munchies® Maxx

The standard size Munchies® devices aim to seat aligners more accurately and improve the predictability of treatments. The Munchies® Maxx is a 15% larger, more robust device which is designed for patients with deeper bites or who prefer to use more regularly and subject the device to far greater forces.

Front, close-up view of Blue Munchies® EPS engaging with premolars

Munchies® EPS

The Munchies® EPS (Enhanced Posterior Seating) range have been designed to optimize the seating of aligners in the premolar region in particular, where expansion is often programmed.

Close-up of Munchies® VIBE anterior head engaged with anterior teeth

Munchies® VIBE

Munchies® VIBE has been created to rewrite the future of predictability in clear aligner therapy treatments. The device delivers controlled, symmetrical acceleration (through osteoclastic activation) and optimized aligner seating which leads to faster and more predictable orthodontic movements.

Front, close-up of Munchies® Maintain engaging with premolars

Munchies® Maintain

Munchies® Maintain devices have been designed to optimise the seating of clear retainers after your patients have completed orthodontic treatment.

Three Munchies® white cassettes: One Munchies Maintain carrying case, one Munchies® EPS carrying case and one Original Munchies® carrying case

How to purchase Munchies® for your practice and patients.

Munchies® are available in convenient packaging and assortments to suit any dental practice and patient. They can be purchased worldwide from a number of distributors, including local distributors in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

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