Munchies® are fabricated in 2 different sizes and 4 different hardnesses to suit the needs of every patient. Whilst some patients prefer softer forces on their teeth to help in pain management, others prefer a more substantial material to bite into. Thus, two distinctive packs of Munchies® are available.

When you commence your orthodontic treatment, whether with clear aligners or braces, your dentist or orthodontist will give you a starter pack of Munchies® which has both the Gentle and Firm Munchies® inside (each with their own carrying case). We suggest that you try all 6 of the devices initially to ascertain which size and hardness feels the most comfortable. As your pain may heighten during the first 24 hours following aligner insertion or wire adjustment, we suggest that you change to a Munchie® that is slightly firmer.

Similarly, for seating your aligners most effectively, try each of the Munchies® and feel which device provides you with the feeling that the aligner is seated most accurately.

Once you have found the devices which are the most comfortable, you can purchase Munchies® in refill packs which contain either the Gentle or Firm options only.


The "Gentle" pack has 2 Munchies® and one Munchies Maxx® which are softer and more pliable. The gentle range is suited to patients who prefer minimal forces applied to their teeth after wire adjustment or aligner changeover.


The “Firm” pack has 2 Munchies® and one Munchies Maxx® which are less elastic and more viscous than the gentle devices. The Firm range is suited to patients who gain pain relief from stronger forces acting against teeth which are undergoing orthodontic movement.