Ensuring optimal fit of aligners
If your patients use Munchies® every time they reinsert their aligners, the predictability of tooth movement increases significantly. The Munchies® Aligner Changeover Pack has been designed to give to patients at each aligner changeover visit at your surgery.

Convenient packs accelerates treatment
If patients always have access to multiple Munchies®, they are more likely to comply with the correct reinsertion protocol and maximize the delivery of the correct forces programmed into the aligners.

Hygienic delivery and improves compliance
At each aligner changeover visit a Munchies® Aligner Changeover Pack should be delivered with the patients’ next series of aligners, providing a hygienic and convenient delivery method.

Clinical feedback
Over the last 3 years, it has been shown that providing patients with multiple Munchies® increased likelihood of the patient using the device when required, as evidenced by greater rates of expression of tooth movement and a reduction in refinements.


Why use Munchies®?

They perform the following four functions:

Orthodontic Analgesic
Chewing on Munchies® can provide pain relief as effective as paracetamol or ibuprofen after adjustment of wires or new aligner insertion.

Intrusion enhancement
Munchies® assist your aligners or braces with the difficult movement of intruding your teeth.

Aligner Seating
Munchies® accurately seat your aligners for a truely intimate fit to improve tracking and predictability of your tooth movements.

Get your case back on track by using Munchies® to encourage your teeth back on the right track.


The standard size Munchies® devices are fabricated in 4 different hardnesses to provide relief of pain and to seat aligners more accurately and improve the predictability of your treatment.

The Munchies Maxx® device is designed for patients with deeper bites or who prefer to use their device on a more regular basis and subject the device to far greater forces. Munchies Maxx® come in 2 different hardnesses.


Each Munchies® device has an average life span of 1-2 weeks if used correctly.

The product has been designed to be robust for this period and to remain visco-elastic and deliver the correct forces if not used excessively. Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies®.