The principles of Viscoelasticity and how they apply to Munchies.


Viscoelasticity is the property of materials that exhibit both viscous and elastic characteristics when undergoing deformation. Viscous materials, like honey, resist shear flow and strain linearly with time when a stress is applied. Elastic materials strain instantaneously when stretched and just as quickly return to their original state once the stress is removed. Viscoelastic materials have elements of both of these properties and, as such, exhibit time dependent strain.

Munchies  utilise the visco-elasticity and ideal Shore Hardnesses of the unique Dow Corning silicone material that can provide a range of gentle forces to  prevent aligner slippage and to ensure the most intimate l fit. The forces also aid in allowing the teeth to "micro-bounce" which provides incremental movements to maintain microscopic blood supply when under orthodontic pressure and thus minimse pain.   

Dealing with Capillary Strangulation and Pain Alleviation with Munchies.


Whenever teeth are moved to new positions they will produce pressures that result in capillary strangulation, which ultimately results in the production of prostaglandins, bradykinins and arachidonic acid with subsequent hyperalgesia for the patient. The visco-elastic properties of the Munchies, when used with a Shore Hardness that the patient finds to be comfortable, produces a micro-dynamic movement of the tooth around the periodontal ligament, which allows a cyclical blood flow into the pressured area and minimises the onset and intensity of pain.