Recommended for Aligners

Sometimes during the course of treatment with clear aligners, your teeth don’t move exactly as predicted. This results in a small space appearing between the biting edge of your teeth and the aligner. Munchies® can help recapture a perfect fit when used in the problematic area.


If you notice a gap appearing between the aligner and the biting edges of many of your front teeth (upper or lower) or your dental healthcare professional identifies an issue with fit, simply bite repeatedly on the OSM (rounded end) between the upper and lower teeth in the problem area.


If your aligner is not seating in one particular area insert Munchies® intrusive mode part between the top and bottom teeth and bite up and down repeatedly for 2 minutes at least 4 times per day. Bite up and down only: Do not chew!!!


Keep repeating this process daily until the space between the aligner and the biting edge disappears completely. If the space has not disappeared within two weeks, please consult your dental health care professional.