Intrusion movement in orthodontics is a technique whereby a tooth or teeth are gently pushed further back into your jaw bone so that it sits correctly in your smile and is often used during correction of an excessive overbite. The forces delivered by clear aligners are so gentle that you will not notice the movement occurring as the teeth move on average, around 0.125mm every two weeks.

This condition is known as a deep bite and it recognized as one of the most common and most challenging orthodontic problems.

When your teeth are crowded (especially your bottom front teeth), they sit upright and are termed as being over-erupted (sitting too high in your bite).

The primary aim of your treatment is to correct this deep overbite and Munchies® were created to ensure that your movements with your appliances are more predictable.

To ensure that your intrusion movements are as accurate and predictable as possible, use your Munchies® 3-4 times per day after re-insertion. You will feel are that the aligners are sitting more snugly against your teeth and not slipping. This allows them to produce the ideal forces required to intrude your teeth. Use the larger groove for your upper teeth and smaller groove for your lower teeth.

 This patient has a very deep bite. His front teeth hang too far vertically over the lower front teeth and can cause great damage when in function. Ben was prescribed Munchies® 4 times per day for 4 minutes per application.

Lower front teeth crowded and over erupted

Lower front teeth being intruded and unravelled slowly: halfway through treatment with clear aligners

Lower front teeth with crowding and over-eruptions resolved

Lower front teeth : initial position superimposed on final position demonstrating movement that has occurred

Upper front teeth are crowded and over-erupted

Halfway through treatment: front teeth are being intruded

Intrusion of front teeth now complete and crowding has been resolved

Upper front teeth : initial position superimposed on final position demonstrating movement that has occurred

Pre-treatment image showing deep bite and direction of intrusion on each jaw

Image of patient after treatment showing resolution of crowding and deep bite



Recommended for Aligners or Fixed Braces

Intrusion of your front teeth with clear aligners or braces can be challenging at times. The intrusion grooves on the Munchies® individually engage each tooth, whether on the top or bottom jaw; aiding in accelerating and enhancing the movement.

Patients can choose any of the Munchies® as a starting point and use in tandem with any other Munchies®. However, best results are achieved when the device utilized during the second half of each aligner is more rigid than during the first week.

Variations in the strength of the jaw muscles, size of the teeth, density of bone and tooth movement required will affect the comfort for each individual and the choice of device should be customized accordingly.

The larger of the grooves is for your upper front teeth. The smaller groove is for your lower front teeth. Engage your teeth in the appropriate groove and then simply bite on the bite pad which opposes the groove.

Always bite up and down (holding the device with your fingers). This should be repeated 3 times per day for up to 5 minute intervals. Do not chew repeatedly on the device in this mode as it will cause premature tearing!

To intrude canines – rotate Munchies® 90° to fit the sharp point of your canine snugly into the surface. This will minimize any damage to the device while delivering the correct force.